buy handmade in Greece classic Greek Roman Nude Female and Male statues sculptures

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Three Graces Goddesses of charm Cast Marble Nude Statue Sculpture Handmade

Handmade in GreeceMaterial: Cast MarbleSolid and HeavyDimensions Height: (22.64 inches) &nb..


Torso Nude Male Body Art Greek Statue Sculpture Casting Stone

* MADE IN GREECE - HANDMADE - HAND PAINTED *Dimensions (approximately): Height (with the base) ..


Uffizi wrestlers athlets nude male greek roman sculpture statue

handmade in Greece Material : cast marblesolid and heavyDimensions Height: (10.24 inches)  ..


Zeus Jupiter king of gods Greek Roman statue sculpture cast marble ancient Greece

Handmade in GreeceMaterial : cast marblesolid and heavyDimensions Height up to thunder: (17.5 inches..