buy handcrafted in Greece frescoes and reliefs based on ancient Greco-Roman  mythology and minoan art

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Wall Clock Relief Twelve Greek Roman Olympian Gods Sculpture Cast Stone

Dimensions (approximately):Diameter: 24 cm (9.45 inches)Weight: 1300gr (2.8 lb)Material: Hard Plaste..


Wall clock twelve Greek Roman Olympian Gods Sculpture Cast Stone

*MADE IN GREECE – HANDMADE- HANDPAINTED *Dimensions (approximately): Diameter : 33 cm (13 inche..


war of Titans titanomachy God Zeus relief wall decor plaque greek sculpture

MADE IN GREECE - HANDMADEDimensions (approximately):Height : 38 cm (14.9 inches)Width: 59 cm (23.23 ..


Young Fisherman Fresco Thira Santorini musuem copy 1650 B.C. painting on wall Handpainted

this is the only REAL fresco handpainted on natural plaster100% handmade & handpaintedDimensions..


Αthena Minerva Greek Roman goddess relief wall decor Sculpture ancient Greece

Handmade in Greece Material : Hard Plastersolid and heavyThe plaster we use is a 100% natural no..