Bull leapin Fresco from Knossos Palace Crete

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Bull Leaping Minoan Real Fresco from Knossos Palace CreteThis is one of the most important of the surviving Minona Frescoes.


It comes from a room in the eastern wing of the palace of Knossos and shows a fairly complete scene of bull sports in which both men and women are taking part.


Each stage of the bull leaping contest is shown : first the athlete grasps the horns of the bull (shown charging forward in the flying gallop attitude), then he makes the leap of death over the bull’s back , and finally he jumps down to the ground.


The figures are richly adorned with jewels and the women are dressed in male attire : an apron with a cod piece and a sacral knot and high  boots. The bull sports were evidently religious contests.


There is no doubt that these contests really did take place – one interesting indication of this the fact that the horns of some bull skulls found in excavations have been sawn down, doubtless to lessen the risk of serious injury to the athletes.


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