famous persons

famous persons

famous persons

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Diogenes the Cynic Ancient Greek Philosopher Statue Sculpture Figure

*MADE IN GREECE - HANDMADE*Dimensions: Height :  24,5 cm    ( 9.65 inc..


Leonidas Spartan King Warrior Greek Statue Sculpture Cast Marble

Handmade in GreeceMaterial: Cast MarbleSolid and HeavyDimensions Height: (11.8 inches)   ..


SOCRATES & ARISTOTLE Greek Philosopher Bust Head Set Statue Sculpture

*MADE IN GREECE - HANDMADE - VERY DETAILED *Our creations are products of top quality and high aest..


SOCRATES ARISTOTLE PLATO Greek Philosopher Bust Head Statue Sculpture

* MADE IN GREECE - HANDMADE - VERY DETAILED * Dimensions (approximately):   ARISTOTLE..